Fashion Runways-Custom and Rentals

by | Feb 28, 2017 | business services

For your next fashion event, you have options! You can choose to have custom fashion runways built or you can choose a rental. In both cases, you can have the safe fashion runways that will serve your event well. Having options is a great way to ensure that you get the exact runway that you need for your event. Below are some considerations when you are making the decision to rent or go custom built.

Rental fashion runways are a great way to accommodate your show! They are ideal for:

  • Budget conscious shows
  • Shows that have a very short lead time
  • Smaller venues that need quick conversions

Rentals are ideal when the budget is tight, they can easily meet your budget requirements without giving up any of the professional look that you want for your show. Rentals are great for schools, auditoriums, community events and other events. If it is getting close to your event date and you are pressed for time, a rental will solve the problem. If you are using a small venue that has strict guidelines for construction where it would be impossible to build a custom runway, a rental will do nicely.

Custom Builds
Custom built runways are also a great option that are ideal for certain situations:

  • For long term use
  • For a multi-tiered professional show
  • When the space requirements dictate that a custom build is the way to go

The only drawback when it comes to custom builds is that you must plan for a little more lead time than you would with a rental to allow for the design and construction. On the upside with a custom build you get the runway that will highlight the venue because it is built especially for the venue.

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