5 Factors to Consider When You Buy a Trade Show Display Booth

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Trade Show Services

Help your display stand out in your next trade show. Consider the following factors to help your show appearance succeed:

Use clear copy

Don’t over think it. If your audience doesn’t get the message, then you’re wasting valuable promotional space and resources. Stick to simple, easy-to-understand messages.

Increase brand name

If you’re only starting out, it’s important that you make your brand name bigger. With so much competition out there, a lot of consumers will rather stick to brands they know and trust. Enhanced visibility of your brand can help you get a bigger slice of the consumer pie from old and established players in the field.

Use the right booth

Pick the right booth. Consider the size. If you’re planning on putting in an order with your NYC supplier for 10×20 booths, make sure they’re a good match for what you have in mind. Do the booths offer enough space? Are the booths too small or big for what you need? Determine the answers to these questions before you move forward with the rest.

Have that one thing

What’s the one thing you want the attendees to remember about your booth? Figure it out, the Handshake says. Work together with your display provider in NYC for those 10×20 booths if you want the design or style of your display to stand out in a way that would leave a lasting impression on the minds of your target market. With that one thing, you make it easy for your customers to remember you.

Build in technological conveniences

Make potential clients stay longer at your booth such as phone charging capabilities built into the display. That’s one way to keep potential clients around much, much longer. And the longer they’re around, the more likely it is for them to give your products or services a shot.

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