5 Mistakes in Finding a Box Solution Provider

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Finding a company that supplies corrugated boxes wholesale can help you save on costs. Pay attention to the following mistakes entrepreneurs make when they pick a manufacturer.

Going for a boring design

Packaging can boost traffic, visibility, sales, and revenue. With a marketplace that’s cluttered with competition, packaging and shipping solutions help you stand out, the Yes Magazine says. If you’re running a startup and trying to sell a new service or product in the market, your packaging can draw more people to your site or physical store.

Not factoring in the location

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of using a manufacturer abroad, only to find themselves dealing with logistical nightmares. If you want faster lead times for your corrugated boxes wholesale, engage the services of local box manufacturers. That should give you lower costs.

Skipping the design

Packaging more than creates the first impression on your customers. If your shipping boxes are tough to open, that could make for an unpleasant unboxing experience. Make sure that doesn’t happen by working together with a manufacturer that can marry product packaging and design in one.

Not matching the box to your brand

Custom packaging options can help you gain greater consumer attention and interest. But make sure the custom features of your packaging solutions are reflective of your brand and business. If these aren’t consistent with your brand message, then that’s going to compromise consumer engagement. Don’t let that opportunity go to waste. Match your packaging with your brand. Pick a manufacturer that can get this done for you.

Not thinking outside the box

There are plenty of ways to customize your packaging. Pick a manufacturing team that knows how to think outside the box for the perfect solution. Use stickers for branding or work together with your manufacturer to develop boxes that are right for your products and brand image.

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