4 Conversation Topics to Avoid on a First Date if You Want a Second Date

First dates can be nerve-wracking for all Orlando singles, and lulls in conversation can make you grasp for a new topic to discuss. Even if you are nervous, there are certain topics you should never discuss on a first date. If you want a second date, avoid these subjects and keep your conversation positive and light.

Your Ex-Partners

Even if your ex was truly awful, airing grievances from a past relationship will almost always make you look bad. Coming across as bitter will create a poor first impression for your date, and he or she may be wondering if you are really over your past and ready to explore a new relationship.


There’s nothing wrong with dating in hopes of finding “the one,” but don’t put unnecessary pressure on your date from the beginning. The first date is about getting to know your potential partner and putting your best foot forward, not interrogating them about their future plans.

Work Drama

If you hate your job, steer the topic of conversation to something you are more passionate about. If your co-workers drive you crazy, resist the urge to gossip. Talking about work drama will make you look petty.


Your date is interested in you, but that doesn’t mean you should dominate the conversation. Ask your date questions to show you are interested too, but don’t treat it like an interrogation. For more advice on meeting Orlando singles and having the perfect first date, contact Elite Introductions & Matchmaking today at www.EliteSingleProfessionals.com.