3 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Sales Presentations in Chicago, Illinois

3 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Sales Presentations in Chicago, IllinoisTraditionally, companies have pitched their goods and services in person, ranging from cold door-to-door gigs to high-pressure, well-planned meetings in corporate board rooms. For the first time in human history, sales have largely shifted to the virtual realm. Forced to turn virtual thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not be able to return to in-person operations soon. These tips should help your company’s virtual sales in Chicago.

Improve Your Lighting

Your company probably isn’t in the lighting business. Even if it is, corporate professionals often forget the importance of lighting. Avoid using overhead lighting. Try to have most of your lighting in front of you. If you don’t have any other lights around, buy a ring light or at least two painter’s lights. Painter’s lights have clamps, making them perfect for impromptu lighting setups.

Don’t Just Use Audio or Screen-Sharing

Important business conversations have long been held via phone calls. Over time, screen-sharing became common. In today’s age, people also expect presenters to use video. You should strive to combine audio, screen-sharing, and video to win over your leads in virtual sales in Chicago. Make sure to design your presentations with equal emphasis on these three mediums.

Keep Distractions Far, Far Away

Video conferencing calls are often interrupted by family members, pets, and coworkers. Although most people are used to distractions like these, avoiding distractions can help you win over leads. Create company policies that prevent sales staff from being interrupted during virtual sales presentations.

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