Why Metal Rollers Are the Best for Your Conveyor Machine Needs

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Business

The most important part of a conveyor system is inarguably the rollers. Without the rollers, the belt portion of the system would not be able to operate normally. Some may wonder; however, what material is preferable for the makeup of the roller. Most experts agree that metal roller options are the best. Here are a few of the reasons why this is so.

Strength of Steel

Steel or other types of metal really are worth their weight when it comes to functionality on a conveyor system. While plastic rollers may work perfectly fine for products that are lightweight, they cannot hold up under the strain of heavier objects. This is why metal is simply the best choice for the job.


When there are high temperatures involved, plastics are just a terrible choice. They can easily melt and give off toxic fumes. Since conveyor machines are typically located indoors, the results can be disastrous. Metal Rollers can easily withstand very high temperatures with no damage to either the product or the rollers themselves.

Easy to Maintain

Metal roller options are simply easier to maintain than their counterparts made from different materials. Metal also has the benefit of being considered food-grade. This makes it very desirable in food manufacturing facilities. In fact, stainless-steel rollers will not even corrode. They are the best all-around choice.

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