3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Banner Stands

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Banner Stands

When you need to display your banners in an attractive way that grabs attention, the banner stands you choose will be just as important as the banner itself. You need something that will display your message clearly, withstand the weather, and still look like a stylish, high-quality addition to the overall atmosphere of the location. That’s a lot to ask for something that is meant to be covered up, and it’s not even everything you need to consider. Here are three things that many business owners forget to consider when buying outdoor banner stands.

Consider the Size of Your Outdoor Banner Stands

Of course, you’ll want to buy a banner stand that fits the size of your banner. But if you are ordering the two things together, take a second to consider the size of the space, and the size of any competing marketing messages nearby. You need to keep your signage proportional to space, but you also want to outshine anything that is nearby. If this outdoor banner will be displayed outside a trade show or event alongside other brands’ messages, you want to grab attention. So be sure to consider how you can best use size to your advantage.

Consider How Often It Will Be Used

Many brands buy banner stands to use for a single trade show, with no thought to using it again in the future. However, investing a little more in high quality banner stands will let you use them in many other ways, such as outside your stores to promote sales, at customer events, at other trade shows, for sidewalk advertising, and more. It’s always a good idea to get banner stands that can withstand lots of use so that you have options in the future.

Consider How Versatile the Stand Is

Finally, consider how versatile the banner stand is. For example, a retractable banner stand lets you transport it easier to trade shows and events. However, it may not be quite as sturdy as a non-retractable stand, which can better withstand the elements. Consider which features are most important to you and choose outdoor banner stands that meet your needs.

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