Why Should You Invest in a Nanuet Transconductance Power Amplifier?

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Electronics

Most of us are familiar with power amplifiers in audio applications. They take an electric signal and apply gain to it, thereby increasing the amplitude of the current and producing a stronger current to send to the speakers. Consumer amplifiers are very different beasts compared to the wideband power amplifiers used in scientific, military, and industrial sectors. In these areas, it is not uncommon to find a Nanuet transconductance power amplifier.

Why a High Quality Wideband Amplifier?

The truth is that ordinary amplifiers are just not durable, precise, or powerful enough for scientific use, for example. In science and research, it is often necessary to use a transconductance power amplifier for the following reasons:

* Frequency response: Perhaps the biggest reason to invest in a wideband power amplifier is that it covers a very wide frequency range that is well below and above the range of human hearing. Where even the best consumer grade amplifiers will cover 20hz to 22khz, a transconductance power amplifier will cover the ultrasound frequency range also. In fact, in some cases, high quality power amplifiers have used that cover the infrasound range.

* Power: High grade wideband power amplifiers such as this also have an amplification range that is typically between 50 and 1400 watts. This makes them ideal for magnetic field generation, plasma excitation, and induction heating. Furthermore, these units can operate for consecutive days and hundreds of hours with very little power deviance. This makes them ideal for scientific and military applications where precision and reliability are top priorities.

For When You Need High Power Precision and Reliability

Unlike consumer grade electronics, high class linear power wideband amplifiers produce strong gain, can operate for a long time without maintenance and can drive a wide range of power hungry applications.

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