3 Ways to Use a Battery Operated Fan

by | May 16, 2019 | Electronics

Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you had a fan? It could happen at an outdoor sporting event in the middle of summer. The need could also arise in a crowded room without sufficient ventilation. You could even be in space that doesn’t have air conditioning. Whatever the scenario, a battery operated fan can be a great asset. Find out other ways that a personal fan can be a big help.

Working at a Computer Station

If you use a tower PC or laptop at home or work, you could use a battery operated fan. Working near a computer can get hot. These devices can generate extra heat in the room or area. It makes sense to cool yourself down (and maybe the computer) by using a personal fan. Keep yourself cool so that you can concentrate on your work.

A Walking Companion

Do you enjoy long walks? A leisurely stroll can be enjoyable as long it doesn’t get too hot. The same goes for walking used as exercise. If you tend to feel a little overheated while walking, consider using a battery operated fan. There are fan models that will clip onto your clothing to keep your hands free. Imagine going out for a walk with a cool stream of air hitting your face. It’s certain you’ll be a lot more comfortable!

Car Cooling

Your car likely has an air conditioning system, but it isn’t always necessary to use it. If you just need a small breeze in the vehicle, you should use a fan. Relying on the car’s air vents for ventilation can be a pain. You have to deal with road smells and warm outside temperatures. Instead, use a fan that will provide a breath of fresh air in your vehicle. Clip the battery powered fan to your visor for convenient positioning. It will go a long way in making driving more comfortable.

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