Why Reverse Osmosis Water is Good

by | May 13, 2019 | Water Filters

There’s no doubt that drinking water is good for you. However, in order to reap the benefits of water consumption, you need to drink the right kind of water. When it comes to choosing a type, there are numerous options available. The typical store carries varieties such as spring, distilled, alkaline and drinking water. Not to mention, at home you can always quench your thirst with tap water. Out of all these choices, which is the best? Well, one of the most healthiest options is water treated by reverse osmosis. See why reverse osmosis is the best way to keep water fresh, and contaminant-free.

A Look at Harmful Contaminants

Untreated water can carry a host of different substances. When you intake this type of water, it can have dangerous consequences for your health. A wide variety of micro-bacteria reside in plain water. There are also several types of metals, such as lead, arsenic and copper. Chemicals such as radium, fluoride and selenium can also be traced in the average cup of tap water. Harmful organisms and metals should never be part of the water that you drink. This is why you should use a reverse osmosis system.

The Reverse Osmosis System

There is a scientific process behind reverse osmosis. Osmosis occurs when molecules go through a permeable screen into a solution that is concentrated. This process is reversed when performing water treatments. In reverse osmosis, the molecules go the other way. They move from a concentrated solution to less concentrated one. When ts happens, microscopic particles are removed from the water. Only molecules containing pure water are allowed to pass through the screen. Water from the side containing the smaller concentration is collected for drinking.

The End Result

As you can see, a reverse osmosis system is highly effective at removing contaminants. It provides clean, fresh and tasty water to enjoy. If you are not using this process now, you should make the switch to a healthier water source.

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