Why is Raw Pet Food More Preferable Than Processed?

Why is Raw Pet Food More Preferable Than Processed?

Dogs have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, and that has led many to falsely or wrongly believe that they can easily digest processed pet foods. No creatures can evolve that fast, and it is why so many dogs and cats love a raw pet food diet – or at least a few raw food snacks or meals each week.

And while most animals seem to enjoy getting raw pet food, a lot of people are confused as to just why it might be better for their furry friends to enjoy. There are a few reasons for this:

It is closer to natural diets – It is just good old-fashioned common sense to see that raw food is as close to natural food as it gets. Their digestive systems are designed to break down and utilize raw foods easier and more comprehensively than processed foods.

It is nutrient dense – Processing foods usually involve heat, and that means that natural nutrients and enzymes are destroyed. The raw diet is minimally processed at best, and this means that your dog gets a great deal more nutrition in a smaller amount of food

It is without additives – Going to a raw diet means that your dog or cat is now going to be free of the different preservatives, additives, fillers ,and unwanted ingredients. This is far better for their overall health ,and it can mean a longer, healthier life span

It is safer – If you “Google” the words pet, food and recall, you will see many hits. This is because too many commercial producers have relied on dubious supply chains and rather disgusting ingredients (sometimes factory farm discards). These can be poisonous, spoiled and bacteria-laden ingredients that end up causing animals to sicken and even die

It is customized – Imagine eliminating any of your pet’s allergies with a simple change in behavior. With the raw pet food diet, you can choose the ingredients and cut out the things your pet cannot digest

It has limited ingredients – No grains if you don’t want them, no by-products or meals – that is one of the major benefits of a raw pet food diet

If all of this seems appealing to you, and you want to slowly transition your dog or cat to a more raw and natural way of eating, pay a visit to Earth Pets a trusted resource for pet owners in the Jacksonville area.