Your Destination Wedding in Homestead, FL

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Biz Trade News

Now that you are engaged your next step is to find a place to host your wedding. Homestead, Florida has many options for destination weddings.

Homestead, Florida is one of the most popular of all destination weddings in Florida and couples are flocking to Homestead for their perfect destination wedding.

Located just outside of Miami, Homestead has a lot to offer couples and their guests. Homestead, Florida combines a quaint, small-town atmosphere with a lot of amenities including shopping, restaurants, hotels, and nature.

There are many locations and options to choose from in Homestead. Everything from a magnificent outdoor wedding to a traditional wedding at a large resort. In addition, your guests are not far from the Florida Keys where they can snorkel, relax, or have fun on the beach.

For couples who want a beach-side wedding, Homestead can accommodate those needs. There is plenty of sand and sun to go around. Many beach venues will offer packages that include the chairs, tables, the officiant, plus much more to make your beach-side wedding perfect.

If you are leaning more towards a country club atmosphere, then Homestead can accommodate you. The luxurious feel of a country club is a perfect setting for large destination weddings. Packages will typically be more restrictive with everything going through the club.

Homestead is not far from some of the major tourist areas. Your guests can take a drive to the Everglades National Park where visitors can hike, bike or stroll along many of the paths. There are also tours and boat rides for tourist.

Always consider the season when planning a destination wedding. The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st and lasts until November 30th for all of Florida. Having a wedding interrupted by a hurricane is not fun, just keep that in mind when planning your destination wedding.

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