Who Is Bruno Zupan?

Who Is Bruno Zupan?

Exploring the beauty of art means getting into the mind of the artist. Bruno Zupan is a unique character with an interesting history. Born in 1939 in Trbovlje, Slovenia, he would begin his artistic education at a young age first in Croatia and then, later, in Paris. He entered Paris in 1962, where he would marry. After a limited amount of success, he moved to the United States in 1969 and became a citizen.

What You Can Expect from His Work

Bruno Zupan’s work is quite phenomenal for various reasons. First, is strong strokes and splashes of color, beautiful drips that form in a uniform way, and even his splatters, help thoughts and images come to life. Much of his work is influenced by the way he explores life. Throughout his working years, he traveled from Paris to Venice and to Mallorca. This allowed him to paint throughout the year. It is possible to see some of his limited edition items in Mallorca and Paris today.

Zupan’s works can be found in various collections around the world. This includes in the Columbia Museum of Art in South Carolina and the Museum of Modern Art during an invitational in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Some of his work is held in private collections as well.

Many things helped to make Bruno Zupan an important member of contemporary painters. This includes his ability to create “pictorial lyricism” as once noted by critic Ed McCormick. He also noted his work was “matter-of-fact materiality that is the even larger truth and triumph of the most advanced modern art.”

Zupan was given a lifetime membership to the Society of French Artists in 1976. He also received recognition for the piece he created for the World Federation of the United Nations Association. His work is well loved for its unique and beautiful expressions.