Which Type of Pizza Oven is Right for You?

Which Type of Pizza Oven is Right for You?

Whether you’re looking for cooking appliances for your restaurant or home, the words “pizza oven for sale” may have caught your eye at least once. It’s understandable why. Pizza ovens are an amazingly convenient appliance to have on-hand, no matter the size of your kitchen. However, before you go hunting for your very own pizza oven, it’s worth taking the numerous varieties out there into consideration. The last thing you want to do is drop hundreds on an outdoor pizza oven only to learn it won’t fit within your cooking space or is too complicated to use altogether. Here are the three main types of pizza ovens you’ll find on the market.


As the name implies, electric pizza ovens run purely on electricity. They’re some of the most simplistic models you’ll find in terms of pizza ovens for sale; not only are they incredibly effortless to learn to use, but they’re also compact in size. This makes them more than suitable for the average home kitchen. Caterers will also find electric pizza ovens more useful, as their size lends to increased portability.


Gas pizza ovens are ideal for cooks who value speed and efficiency. In other words, restaurant chefs will appreciate gas pizza ovens because of their ability to rapidly collect and retain heat. Pizzas made in gas ovens tend to cook more evenly and consistently as well. The cost-conscious buyer will be pleased to hear gas pizza ovens are less expensive than other options out there.


Also known as a “traditional” pizza oven, the wood-burning oven works similarly to the average fireplace. You have to feed it wood to get it heated and ready to cook. These ovens cost quite the pretty penny and are generally only used by restaurant cooks; this type of oven is well-known for its ability to produce the classic quality pizza we know and love.

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