When is a Solar-Plus-Storage System the Right Choice in Connecticut?

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Solar Panels

Solar energy systems turned out to be the fastest-growing energy systems in the US. Energy Industries Association projected that the industry would emerge in 2023 as a $4.5 billion market. The growth of the solar energy industry paved the way for sustainable utilization of renewable energy.

This growth bolstered the market for solar-plus-storage systems powered by batteries that can store energy for later use. This system is vital to keep the balance between electricity generation on demand. Read on to determine whether you should implement a solar-plus-storage system in your home or business.

What are the Benefits of a Solar-Plus-Storage System in Connecticut?

Solar-plus-storage can influence your lifestyle towards electric security, environmental sustainability, and cost-effectivity. Here are more to these benefits:

Back-Up Power

The solar-plus-storage system helps you save the energy that your panel initially collected for future use. This storage serves as your back-up power in unforeseen events such as power outages and extreme weather conditions.

Reduce Grid Electricity Consumption

Solar energy systems can easily reduce up to 100% of your traditional electricity consumption. The rising electricity costs are the primary reason why many people started purchasing these systems. The only problem is solar panels decrease in performance in the absence of sunlight. However, with a solar-plus-storage system, you can supply electricity to your home even when the sun is out.

Minimize Your Use of Fossil Fuels

If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle, this is the way to go. Solar energies produce little to no emission of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases that can damage the environment.


Connecticut offers incentives, rebates, and tax exemptions that can help you with the upfront costs of solar battery installation. There are four, and one is the Residential Solar Investment Program that allows you to earn up to $0.462 per watt worth of rebate. Sales Tax Exemptions and Property Tax Exemptions remove taxes when you buy solar panel equipment and the property tax increase caused by installation. Finally, the Federal Solar Tax Credit provides a 26% credit of the overall expenses.

Solar-Plus-Storage Systems for Residential Homes

Connecticut is second to Hawaii to acquire grid parity and fully embrace solar energy generation. Their primary drive is to minimize the soaring costs of electricity while earning a valuable return on investment. The typical solar energy system they use includes solar panels, inverter, mounts for the panels, and a performance monitoring system.

Solar panels gather solar energy from sunlight to pass it onto the inverter that supplies the electricity. For homeowners, getting a comprehensive solar-plus-storage system is a significant investment. It might require upfront costs, but it can deliver reliable energy cost savings for years. The typical deep cycle batteries are not suitable for residents. This is because their components cost more and also require highly technical knowledge to operate and maintain. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries emerged to accommodate small-scale businesses and homes. You can now find popular models such as Tesla Powerwall, Generac PWRcell, Enphase Encharge Systgem, and SolarEdge StorEdge in typical Connecticut households.

If you want to determine when is the right choice to implement a solar-plus-storage system, the answer is always now. Imagine reaping numerous benefits as you save the environment along in the process. The incentives you receive is just the cherry on top.

Solar-Plus-Storage Systems for Connecticut Businesses

Commercial benefits of incorporating solar energy systems include minimizing overhead costs while keeping facilities efficient. Solar battery systems are essential to reduce overall overhead costs cutting down utility bills by 20% to 40%. Businesses can determine the difference by turning off electric grid usage during peak periods when demand charges are high. This way, you can see how excess charges reduce while stored solar energy discharges.

Second, businesses can use solar-plus-storage systems to maximize energy in case of blackouts and bad weather. Third, your business can earn a reputation from going green that can quickly generate new customers. It is essentially a good PR showcasing the values of your company. Lastly, implementing this system offers a valuable return on investment.

The Connecticut government provides incentives to minimize solar equipment and installation costs even to businesses. It makes sense that it is a responsible financial decision that can give you long-term savings and quick payback.

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