2 Ways to Prevent School Supplies and Backpacks From Disappearing

Oh, no! It has happened again, costing you money and frustrating your child. For the third time, you are buying school supplies and replacing your child’s missing backpack. You have spoken with the homeroom teacher but yet it is still happening. Angry, you begin to think about how you can prevent these kinds of situations from happening again. Here are 2 effective ideas to help prevent your child’s school supplies and backpacks from disappearing.

Washi Tape

Washi tape can come in several colors and patterns. For this reason, using washi tape to decorate your child’s school supplies like pencils and pens will provide an effective way to identify their belongings while also preventing them from disappearing. You can also apply this type of tape to your child’s backpack to prevent it from going missing.

Personalized Name Labels

Perhaps everyone is also using washi tape to identify their children’s school supplies. Another effective idea to prevent school supplies and backpacks from disappearing is by using custom labels, specifically personalized name labels. This type of label offers versatility as it can be placed on school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, bottles, and more.

High Quality

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