What to Look For When Viewing Portfolios for Wedding Photographers in Austin?

Most people know to look through the portfolios for Wedding Photographers in Austin to find one that’s fantastic. Other than looking and finding something they like, many people don’t know what exactly to consider when they want to start deciding which photographer to choose and what photos they want to be sure to have.

Quality of the Photographs

Looking at portfolios in person is the best way to get an idea of their quality, but looking online can work as well. The person should look at the photos closely to make sure they are clear even when enlarged. They should also look to find the focus, the clearest part of the photo. This should be in the eyes of the main person in the photograph. They’ll want to avoid a photographer who’s photos seem fuzzy when enlarged, as they might not be able to get a clear print to hang in their home.


Bokeh is a photography term used to describe the out-of-focus area. The smaller the focus area, the more bokeh the photograph is going to have. This can create a dreamy effect in some photographs, like the bride posing against a beautiful sunset in her dress. However, the person is going to want to look for a photographer who only uses this when it’s necessary to create an amazing effect, not one who uses a lot of bokeh in every picture even when it’s not called for.

Styles and Poses

The person should also pay attention to the poses the photographer prefers to use. Do they use whatever pose is going to make the subjects of the photo look great, or do they tend to use the same poses even when they don’t look good? Make sure the photographer takes the background into consideration as well when choosing the style and poses for the photographs.

There’s a lot to consider when viewing portfolios, and more than a person would typically consider. If you’re looking through portfolios to find Wedding Photographers in Austin that you may want to consider, keep the above tips in mind to help you choose. Visit today to view one amazing portfolio and start narrowing your options. Contact Mitchell Bahr Photography for more information.