What to Expect During Fire Sprinkler Testing for Your Business

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Fire Protection Service

An effective fire alarm system is a vital part of keeping a business protected from the destruction of a blaze erupting. When a fire occurs, it is important to immediately inform emergency personnel and have the equipment installed to help minimize the damage that can occur. One important tool for preventing a fire from spreading is a quality sprinkler system that can help control the fire or extinguish the flames until authorities arrive. Nevertheless, to ensure the system is operating properly it is important to provide routine sprinkler head testing in Toronto ON.

What Technicians are Looking For

  • They will look for any corrosion, rust or dust that can interfere with the sprinkler working properly.
  • The system will be checked for any leaks that can affect how the water flows through the piping.
  • A technician will check to make sure that valves are open and not obstructed by objects such as file cabinets or shelves.
  • Sprinkler head testing in Toronto, ON is extremely important following a fire to check and replace any sprinklers in the area the fire was located.
  • The pressure of the system is checked to ensure it can adequately distribute the water to extinguish or control a fire.
  • Any damaged heads are replaced with new ones to ensure they are working properly.

Protect Your Company by Scheduling an Inspection Today

Harding Fire Protection is a leading provider of high-quality fire alarm systems. They have experience working with various types of systems and size of businesses to make sure they are protected. With routine sprinkler testing and maintenance, they can ensure your system is operating correctly to minimize the damage a fire can cause. In addition to providing the services required to make sure your company stays up to code on local and government fire codes.

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