What Led to the Growth of the Indian Animation and Motion Graphics Industry?

by | Dec 30, 2019 | Business

Motion graphics and animation are two of the most popular terms in the Indian advertising domain today. Businesses are ditching traditional methods of advertising and veering towards 2D and 3D animated content. The number of well-renowned companies offering solutions for animation and motion graphics in India has grown exponentially in the last decade. Now, these creative forms are not distant concepts but widely-used tools.

But what has caused such rapid growth in the animation sector? Take a look at the key factors below.

Why the Motion Graphics and Animation Industry Has Expanded in India

  1. Demands for better results – Gaining the upper hand as a brand in the highly competitive Indian marketplace was, and still is, quite challenging. Many production houses eventually had to look at more innovative options for obtaining results. 2D, 3D animation and motion graphics were embraced as they yielded better outcomes.
  2. Conventional advertising overuse – Conventional online advertising methods like text, image, and video advertisements became too commonplace for audiences in the last decade. The situation worsened with countless brands using the same tactics, and audiences grew tired. Animated media forms started being used more, and customer interest started rising again.
  3. Animation technology evolution – A 3D animated short from a decade earlier is quite inferior to the quality of content that can be produced now. The same can be said about 2D animation and motion graphics in India. As the technological advancements rolled in, business owners and advertising companies started getting more interested to used 2D and 3D.
  4. The quest for social media dominance – Any brand that manages to outshine its competitors on social media has better chances of luring in customers. The never-ending quest for social supremacy is witnessing dynamic change, as more businesses opt for 3D and 2D animation. Brands delivering quality animated content are endearing themselves to target audiences.

Animation and motion graphics are set to become even more popular in India. Consult with a company like Digi Art Web to get stylish custom animations made for your brand.

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