What Is Color Correcting?

The world of color correcting in the film and television industry is an intricate and exact science. Every scene in every movie, television show or advertisement you see has enhanced or altered color. Depending on the scene, overall theme or mood of a particular shot, you will see dramatic color nuances. Color is even manipulated to impact how you think and feel.

The main job of color correction services is to make the footage fit in with the types of colors we would expect to see in the real world. If a man is driving in a truck on a deserted highway during the daytime, you would expect to see certain colors and nuances in conjunction with that particular scene. Beyond any sort of standard color correcting in movies and television, colors can be enhanced to influence how you think and feel. Blue hues are aligned with negative emotion. Shades of red promote feelings of anger. Yellow tones put off a warm glow and impart feelings of happiness and sunshine. Green hues promote health and vitality during scenes. Human beings are programmed to react to color in unique ways. Color correction services and editing companies combine scientific research with their own unique creativity to subliminally engage our minds in the most primitive manner. You may not have ever thought about it before, but color correcting is an essential component of making any television show or film.

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