Signs Your Home Needs New Sidings

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Windows Installer

Sidings wear out. Think you need to shop for new ones? Here are a few signs you should.

Signs of rot

Do you see signs of decay? Keep in mind that sidings are designed to protect your home from the elements. If there are signs of decay on your exterior walls, though, that’s a pretty clear indication that your siding has failed. You’ll need to start scouting around for replacements like James Hardie siding options in Glenview, IL sooner rather than later.

High bills

If your heating or cooling bills have spiked, you may find a lot of air leaks. That could be caused by faulty sidings, the Siding Magazine says. That’s going to have long-term effects on your bills in the long run. Don’t let that happen. If you don’t want to shell out money for rising cooling or heating bills, shop around for new sidings. Go for James Hardie siding options in Glenview, IL for durability and excellence.

Cracks and gaps

Do you find any cracks or gaps in your exterior walls? Those holes are more than unsightly—they could also contribute to the energy loss in your home. If you want to start saving on energy consumption costs, then look into replacing worn-out sidings with new ones.

Serious damage

Do a visual check of your exterior walls. Do you see any that no longer lie flat? Then you may have warped panels. Those panels could be hiding a multitude of sins, so it’s best that you get a pro to examine the extent of the damage. Don’t try to install your sidings over these walls. That’s a huge mistake. Look for siding contractors before you proceed any further. That way, if extensive repairs need to be done, the pros you can hire can get started on them right away.

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