What Are The Differences In Training Companies In India?

Assessing and evaluating how effective different programs in leadership development and soft skills training are for an organization of any size and type is always difficult. However, there are specific questions that training planners and HR staff can use to evaluate the quality of training companies in India to select the best option.

When considering training companies in India, take the time to work through the following questions. This information may be provided on the training company’s website, and follow up with a phone call for more information is always helpful and insightful.

How do you plan your corporate training?

This is a vital question to ask very early in the evaluation. A top company that offers customized training build on the outcomes and goals of the business is the most effective training option.

Look for companies with the ability to customize their training to meet your goals. They should also be able to create unique and customized trainings for your business if so required.

What is your training approach?

Research clearly shows that everyone does not learn in the same fashion. Working with training companies that offer a range of experiences during the training provide the greatest impact for the participants.

Ideally, the training should be interactive, providing for some instructor-led information time, discussion time for participants, as well as some interactive type of learning activities. These will vary based on the topic and the objectives of the training, but they may include role-plays, scenarios, learning games, videos or a combination of all of the above.

Are there assessments and evaluations?

Assessments and evaluations are an essential part of setting a baseline and then having the ability to measure positive, desired change based on the training. For leaderships and soft skill development, questionnaires and psychometric assessments and self-report analysis can be used prior to the training and then at pre-set follow-ups after the training.

While cost is also a factor, quality training programs are a top investment for any company. Choosing a training service based on price alone is rarely an effective option to bring about significant, meaningful change. Click here for more information.