Using Ornamental Trees in Florida to Reduce Sound and Increase Privacy

Ornamental trees in Florida can provide year-round beauty to residential landscapes. From flowering varieties to fruit-bearing species, these trees add structure and framework to a garden, provide shade and create a stunning background for flowers and shrubs.

Ornamental Trees as Sound Barriers

If your home is near a busy road, ornamental trees can provide an attractive, natural sound barrier. Full, tall trees are best for this purpose. Evergreens that are easy to maintain and available in a range of colors and sizes can make attractive hedges that add to your landscape while reducing sound.

Ornamental Trees for Privacy and Cover

Air conditioning units and other equipment are eyesores when left exposed in yards. Compact ornamental trees can hide these elements from view. Ornamental trees are also ideal for screening out bad views, creating separation between yards, guarding against high winds and providing privacy.

When planting your ornamental trees, take care to optimize spacing for your needs. For example, if you want to create a privacy screen, plant your trees closer together so that they will touch at maturity. For the most coverage, choose evergreens that spread over time. Look for fast-growing varieties to gain privacy benefits in just a few seasons and avoid overcrowding when planting. Although planting the trees close together will create immediate privacy, it can cause overcrowding and even kill the trees in the future.

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