Update Your Company’s Communication

Update Your Company’s Communication

Video conferencing is a time and money-saving way for professionals to communicate more effectively both inter- and intra-business. A high-tech video conferencing system reduces the need for travel, increasing the efficiency and ability to communicate. If you are considering installing or upgrading the video conferencing system at your place of business, look no further than Frequency AV.

About Frequency AV

Our company was first founded in 2000, working in the hospitality sector providing installation services for sound systems. As a company, we built a reputation for providing systems that work in complex situations. On top of this, we are well-known for providing world-class customer support after the video conferencing installation is complete. Now, we provide design and installation services for all types of A/V systems, including 3D projection mapping and kinetic sculptures.

Video Conferencing Installation

We work with our clients on a step-by-step basis from start to finish. First, we design the ideal video conferencing system that meets the needs of the company while working within their budget. After that, you can take advantage of our aforementioned customer support.

Maximum Interaction

Each room we design and implement is created to provide maximum interaction. We can help your sales team hit record months thanks to their increased communication ability. We can also help any business communicate better between their satellite locations. Whether your place of business needs a video or audio-conferencing system, we have the equipment and the design team to make the perfect customized system for your needs. We have designed world-class systems for everyone from small businesses to massive international corporations.

On top of improving the interaction between remote locations, our systems increase the ability to communicate within the room. A specialty system can be designed with tablets and other gadgets to increase worker productivity and intrapersonal communication.