Troubleshooting Tips For Hotel Phone Systems in Maui

Even the most well-maintained commercial telephone system will occasionally run into trouble. Luckily, the problems faced are generally minor and can be trouble shooted and corrected in-house. Here are some tips on how to troubleshoot and fix the most annoying but easily corrected problems with Hotel Phone Systems in Maui.

If there are issues placing outgoing phone calls, follow these steps:

* Check the switch on the bottom of the phone or the side of the phone and make sure it is set to touch-tone.

* On the keypad, press each button and ensure that each button is not sticking and is making a crisp, clean tone.

* If the busy signal sounds rapid, or if there is a delay in hearing the dial tone, there may be an unexpected increase in volume of the calls being made in the area.

* If only phone is experiencing this issue, unplug it from the wall and plug in another phone. If the problem or problems are still present, then it is time to call a company trained in the area of repairing Hotel Phone Systems in Maui.

If the problem presenting itself comes in the form of an inaudible dial tone, follow these steps:

* Check to make sure that all receivers are on the handset and all phone cords are plugged into the correct phone jacks.

* If the issue is occurring on only one phone, disconnect it entirely and plug in a new phone. If the problem is still present, then the problem is with the jack, and a professional repairman should be contacted. If the new phone solves the problem than the problem is with the actual physical phone, and this should be sent in for repairs if it is deemed feasible.

If the problem occurring is static on the phone line, follow these steps:

* Unplug the phone from the wall
* Plug a different phone into the wall jack
* If the static is gone, then the issue is with the first phone. However, if there is still static present, then the issue is probably with the jack or with the internal wiring. Call a professional repair company such as to correct the issue.