Top Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coating For Commercial Buildings In Durham

Top Reasons To Choose Epoxy Floor Coating For Commercial Buildings In Durham

Epoxy flooring has long been an ideal solution as a durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain option for any Durham commercial building. Making the choice to install this flooring option for any commercial building owner is an investment in the look and the performance of the flooring for decades to come.

Understanding the advantages of epoxy floor coating makes it evident why this is a flooring that continues to be the choice of building owners looking for an aesthetically pleasing and rugged flooring option.


When installed by commercial contractors specializing in epoxy flooring, specialized processes and additives in the final clear coat make the surface anti-skid. An orange peel texture, which offers the slightly rough surface, creates a safe flooring option for any type of commercial venue.

The textured flooring adds traction for equipment and also helps to prevent slipping and skidding for foot traffic. Not only is this important for workplaces, but it is also important when the general public has access.

Protects the Concrete

Concrete is easy to dent, chip and scratch, which means it can be easily damaged even with light wear. Additionally, concrete is porous, which means it absorbs any type of moisture or spills, adding to stains and surface damage.

Adding epoxy floor coating over concrete seals the surface completely, preventing any surface damage through exposure to water or chemicals. Additionally, it also protects against any surface wear and tear.

Low Maintenance

Many types of commercial flooring require a lot of maintenance. With epoxy floor coating, all that is required is sweeping or dust and dirt removal as needed, and occasional washing or steaming.

The protective nature of the flooring, the ability to customize the colors and design to match the building or workplace and the extremely low maintenance requirements makes epoxy flooring a top commercial flooring choice for any location in Durham.