Top Live Music Concerts in Medora IN

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Business

Medora is a city full of life all year round with live performances and festivals that keep both the locals and tourists entertained. Here are a few of these live music concerts you could attend while in Medora.

Medora musical

The Medora Musical is a summer musical hosted in the open-air Burning Hill amphitheater. The 2-hour show is an ode to Wild West days of the state. It also includes references to Theodore Roosevelt, who spent quite some time in western North Dakota. The musical premiered in 1965 and plays six days a week from Tuesday to Sunday; however, the exact times vary.

Medora gospel brunch

The live music concerts in Medora IN,like the gospel brunch, entertain you with new and old gospel hits as you enjoy brunch. If you want to listen to great music and a good gospel origin story, this is the event for you. The concert begins as you enjoy brunch specials like breakfast meats, baked eggs, and many more. After the brunch, you get refreshed with a gospel quartet, band, and breathtaking message from Medora musical co-host Bill Sorensen.

Magical Medora Christmas

The magical Medora Christmas concert helps share the love during the holiday season. This concert features both modern and old-school badlands stars who bring you the best seasons, music, and beautiful stories for you and your family to enjoy. The stars enlighten your Christmas mood as you celebrate as the show runs from the end of November to Christmas day.

Medora has a lot more live concerts you can attend. If you are planning to visit, make sure to attend a few of these concerts or have a guide help you tour the town and discover more on your own. Either way, these concerts will keep you entertained and refreshed LIVESTOCK Music Festival.

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