Three Valuable Features to Look for in Your Next Golf Cart Battery

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Wholesale Battery

Do you have a golf cart that you use for getting around your property at home? Maybe you use one to tour the grounds where your business is located. Regardless of how you use your golf cart, you need to get a battery that ensures the consistent operation of your vehicle. Check out three features to consider when evaluating golf cart batteries in Vancouver, BC.


The first must-have feature to look for is reliability. Many batteries have a design that guards against short circuits and other malfunctions. Take a close look at the specifications of various golf cart batteries in Vancouver to learn about any safeguards built into a battery’s design.


You want a battery for your golf cart to be durable. Think about the terrain you travel over in your cart. Do you drive over gravel, stone, or cement pathways? Perhaps your property has a few patches of uneven ground. You want the battery in your golf cart to be able to endure the bumps and jolts it may take as you tour your property.

Easy to Charge

Some golf cart batteries are easier to charge than others. Look for clear directions for recharging your battery. Also, search for a battery that uses bright colors to indicate when it’s fully charged or needs more power. The easier it is to understand the instructions, the quicker you’ll be able to hook up the battery to get it fully charged once again.

Finally, when you choose a battery with all these features, you’ll be able to relax and know that your golf cart will be ready to go when you need to get somewhere fast.

If you want a reliable battery for your golf cart or another vehicle, contact our team at Polar Battery today or check out our inventory. We’re a family-owned business that’s been serving the Vancouver area for nearly 40 years, and we stock a huge range of battery brands for all your power needs.

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