Three of the Most Common Document Attestation Myths

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Legal Services

There’s a lot of information surrounding document attestation for Qatar, but not all of it is correct. Unfortunately, the incorrect information can be just as prominent as the correct information, which can easily lead to confusion for those who need document attestation in the future. Before you kick off the process to obtain document attestation for Qatar, here is what you need to know.

You Must Obtain a Red Seal Before Your Documents Can Be Fully Legalized

While it’s true many offices use red seals, not having one won’t negatively impact your ability to gain document attestation for Qatar. You especially won’t need to obtain this while working with an apostille office. The Qatar government won’t check for a red sticker when approving you for entry into the country.

An Apostille Will Take No Less Than Two Weeks to Finish Your Documents

Two weeks is actually the maximum in terms of how long it takes to complete a document attestation for Qatar. In many cases, an apostille can return your documents to you in as few as two days. However, this holds true only as long as your apostille is directly connected to the FCO.

You Always Need a Notary to Sign Your Documents

As you’ve researched how to obtain your document attestation for Qatar, you’ve likely seen articles stating a notary public’s signature is absolutely necessary prior to seeking further assistance from an apostille. However, the fact of the matter is this isn’t true. A notary public only becomes necessary once a specific document mentions needing attention from one. Otherwise, you can alternatively opt for a signature from a solicitor or stamp from any office within the national government.

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