4 Reasons To Replace Water Heaters In Slinger, WI Homes

If you are like most homeowners living in or close to Slinger, WI, the last thing you think about are the systems in the home that are working without a problem. However, when a system in the home fails, particularly the hot water system, it is important for everyone to get it fixed or replaced as quickly as possible.

Making the decision to repair or replace water heaters can be challenging. The staff at Schaefer’s Soft Water can provide information on the condition of the current heater, as well as how much longer it can continue to function. However, this is only a best estimate, and as systems age, they are more likely to need repairs or to fail completely.

Some important issues for homeowners nearby Slinger, WI, to consider when making the choice between repairing and replacing water heaters include the following four factors.

Multiple Repairs

The more times you have to call a water heater service to fix a problem, the more money you have invested. With an older heater, this is not a good return on investment, particularly with a tank style of heater that is more than 12-15 years of age.

Strange Noises

Hard water deposits on the inside of the heater tank can result in a range of different noises. These typically should like pops or rumbling types of noises, particularly noticeable when the heater cycle is on. This limits the heating capacity of the system and also may indicate a potential crack in the tank.

Cloudy or Rusty Water

Deposits in the heater, including mineral deposits and rust can all create funny colors and strange odors or taste in the water. While it may be possible to flush the tank, in most cases water heater repairs will only temporarily address this type of problem.

Increasing Energy Bills

If you are facing increasing energy bills with an old, inefficient heater, it is time to call water heater installers. New, higher efficiency heaters save money on monthly bills and provide a higher volume of hot water.

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