The Pros and Cons of a Small Wedding

The Pros and Cons of a Small Wedding

The first thing you need to do when planning any wedding is deciding whether you want the wedding to be small and held in a small wedding venue or large and held in a larger venue. There are a lot of things that should be taken into consideration when you are making that choice, such as the number of people you wish to invite and the budget you are working with.

With that being said, there are pros and cons to a small wedding, just as there are with any wedding. Read on below for some of these pros and cons.

Pro: Smaller Venue

One of the biggest advantages to planning a smaller wedding is that you can hold it in one of the smaller wedding venues. This is great for couples who are paying for their own wedding and are on a budget. A smaller venue is more cozy and cheaper to rent.

Con: People May Become Upset

When it comes to a small wedding, you can’t invite everyone. It is important to invite only those that are closest to you, which in turn may upset some people. You and your soon to be spouse have to remember this wedding is your day and invite who you want.

Pro: Stretches the Budget

This, of course, is the most obvious advantage to having a smaller wedding. If you are on a budget, then you can’t afford to rent a huge venue or even to feed the people who might show up at the reception. Remember, this is your choice and your budget, so it’s best to go with the type of wedding that is right for you and your fiancé.

Con: You Can’t Invite Everyone

There are going to be people on the wedding list that will have to be cut. The smaller venue you choose is only going to be capable of holding so many people. In a way, this is a good thing as you won’t be tempted to add just one more guest after the invitations are sent out.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of having a small wedding. If you are on the fence about which wedding you wish to have, discuss it with the man/woman in your life and make the decision that is right for you. It is your day after all!