The Importance Of Fire Alarms & Maintenance

It is important to have proper fire alarms in Bowling Green KY. Fire alarms can help save yours and your employees’ lives in the case of a fire. Fires can start in the middle of the night when your family is sleeping peacefully in their beds. No one would be able to notice the fire if the fire alarms in Bowling Green KY did not beep and alert you of the fire. Because of this alert, you and your employees will be able to get out in plenty of time and no one will get hurt. Here are some facts that you should know about fire alarms in Bowling Green KY in order to make sure the fire alarms are working properly and to keep your company safe.

Where To Place Fire Alarms In Your Building

The first thing you should know about fire alarms in Bowling Green KY is where to place them. It is recommended that you place an alarm in each room of your business. It is also a good idea to interconnect all of the alarms so that when one of them goes off, all of them will go off and alert the whole company.

Testing & Battery Replacement

It is a good idea to test your alarms at minimum of one time per month to ensure that they are working properly. All you have to do to test them is to push the test button. You should also replace the batteries in your smoke alarm one time per year. If you hear a beeping sound coming from your alarm (it is not the full out beeping like there is a fire but a little chirping sound) this means that the battery is running low and you should replace it right away.

Smoke Alarms For The Hearing Impaired

There are options in fire alarms for those who are deaf or are hard of hearing. These devices rely on strobe lights and vibrations to alert the person of a fire instead of the loud beeping that is common in most fire alarms.

When To Completely Replace Your Fire Alarms

Every once in a while it is a good idea to replace your fire alarms and put in new ones in order to ensure that they are working properly. It is recommended that you replace your fire alarm when it reaches ten years old if it is an alarm that uses a 10-year battery or if it is a hard wired alarm. You can always replace the fire alarm sooner than the ten years if it does not seem to be working properly.

During a fire emergency, it is important that you have working, fire alarms. If you are unsure about whether or not your fire alarms are working, contact Sonitrol KY to have your fire alarms tested/repaired.