Composting Your Food Waste Sets Your New Jersey Restaurant Apart

Composting Your Food Waste Sets Your New Jersey Restaurant Apart

Garden State restaurant owners must deal with hundreds of pounds of food waste every day. Most of that ultimately goes into the local landfill. It seems like a waste.

However, commercial food composters in New Jersey are readily available. These amazing machines can turn your restaurant’s food waste into soil compost in just 24 hours. Rather than filling up the landfill with rotting food, you could give back to the community with rich garden compost.

You probably know that eco-friendly business practices are a big draw for many consumers. Letting your customers know that the food scraps from their plates are being turned into garden compost is intriguing. It sets your restaurant apart from the competition.

Some high-end restaurants also have their own organic gardens, growing seasonal vegetables for their specialty dishes. Even if your restaurant just has a small patio, you could use the compost to grow fresh veggies. It may not be much, but it will impress the people who come to dine at your eatery.

A commercial food composter can produce a lot of compost, too much for you to use, in fact. That means you could give the excess compost away to your customers, or to a community group. Once again, giving back to the community in this way gives your establishment a good reputation.

Finally, there are companies right here in New Jersey that manufacture food composters, so you can buy locally.

Check out the website for your commercial food composter in New Jersey.