The Benefits of Organizational Feedback

Many workplaces suffer from what experts in the performance management field call feedback famine. This is a vacuum that happens when people do not receive adequate information about their performance. The best 360 degree feedback software guarantees the kind of full circle feedback that is conspicuously absent from many organizations. Feedback is not necessarily just the formal type but the ongoing, regular informal feedback relating to such aspects as;

  • Whether employees are achieving their targets
  • What targets they are supposed to be achieving in the roles they play
  • The areas they are excelling and what they need to improve
  • How they impact others in the workplace

Feedback is a cheap and powerful performance management tool, one which unfortunately still remains largely underused. It helps people get back on track, serving as a guide to show people how they and the rest of the workforce view their performance. The most effective leaders are those that have the best sensors; those that understand the impact of their behavior on others. You do not have to agree with other people’s ideas of you, but it is important to be aware of them.

Working without feedback is comparable to going on a journey without a map or any landmarks to guide you. Even with a great sense of direction, this might not be enough keep you on track. Many people react to feedback by being overly critical towards or overly self-congratulatory. Feedback is not about relying on events, but on specific feedback to measure your impact and performance.

Remember, feedback is almost always present in an organization, whether formally or informally. It is not about formal employee surveys or performance appraisal meetings. Every time you have a conversation with an employee, customer, vendor or supplier, you communicate feedback. Technically speaking, it is impossible not to give feedback.

Feedback is a motivator. When you ask for feedback, you actually push employees to perform better. Everyone likes feeling valued and appreciated. When asked to provide feedback that helps in business decision-making, it makes them feel appreciated. Furthermore, feedback from stakeholders like suppliers, vendors and customers fosters a healthy working relationship.

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