A Collet Chuck an Alternate Work Holding Device

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Business

A collet chuck is a sub type of chuck that can securely hold an item in place. It can be used with tools and other items to provide a sure and steady grip.  They are the ideal companion to tools that are 3 inches in diameter or less.  It is the preferred device for CNC lathe operators.  There are several determining factors to consider when you are considering which chuck is the best option for your needs.

Here is What to Consider

This type of chuck is really the best choice in several different situations:

  • High spindle speeds- this type of chuck works well at high RPM speeds, the jaw type chuck is heavier and has trouble enabling the high speeds because of its weight and the centrifugal force also plays a role in choosing a collet over a jaw type. The higher centrifugal force can pull the jaw open and cause it to lose grip.
  • Second operation work is also a prime example of when you want to opt for the collet. Since it has a collar that holds tight in all conditions it is ideal when second operation accuracy is imperative.
  • Large lot sizes. When you are working with relatively large lot sizes it is important to be able to engage and disengage quickly.  The jaw type takes about 60 seconds to change out while the collet can be changed in about 15 seconds.

The only limitation that you are faced with, with this type of chuck is that there are size limitations.  When you compare it to the jaw chuck there is a smaller range of sizes in workpieces that you can use with the collet.  Hemly Tool Supply offers a wide range of tools that you can rely on.

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