A Streak Prevention Guide

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Cleaning

One of the most frustrating parts of window cleaning in Nassau County involves the pesky presence of streaks along the surface of the glass. Did you realize this hazard of window cleaning can be avoided? You read that right: streaks aren’t just a fact of life when it comes to wiping your windows down. Here are a few ways to clean your windows in a way that is both efficient and streak-free.

Buff Your Windows After Cleaning

Sometimes streaks simply appear, no matter how carefully you wipe. However, in many cases, all you need to do is buff the streaks away with the help of a cloth made from microfiber or chamois. Wipe in circular motions until you notice all of the streaks have vanished.

Avoid Using Soapy Water

While soap may seem like an excellent tool when it comes to window cleaning in Nassau County, the truth of the matter is it can easily create and leave behind a filmy residue that lends to streaking. If you really feel the need to use soap as you clean, remember in many cases, a couple of drops is all you need. This lessens the risk of streaking, while rendering your windows as clean as you like.

Don’t Use Hard Water

Hard water is known for its high levels of minerals, which can be abrasive toward glass and contribute to streaking. As such, if you know you have hard water, don’t use it to clean your windows. Instead, try to find distilled water to use, whether from a bottle or a filter. You can trust this water is free from minerals and will be gentler on the glass of your windows.

Alternatively, you can trust a professional service for window cleaning in Nassau County can always clean your windows perfectly with no streaks whatsoever.

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