The Differences Between a RV Service Plan and a RV Warranty

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Biz Trade News

When buying an RV, most are covered by the initial factory warranty. Over time, these warranties expire or you find they don’t cover everything you thought they did. This is why many people prefer to carry an RV service plan, along with their RV warranty. In some cases, people find themselves debating on which coverage is best for them. Learn the differences between RV service plans and warranties to help you make the best decision for both your vehicle and your wallet.

RV Warranty

Your RV warranty is used to cover the basic mechanical parts of your coach. Many times, you will hear the words powertrain warranty or other tags used to speak of what the warranty may cover. Basically, they cover the more expensive parts that can sometimes malfunction. These warranties don’t cover things caused by accidents or mistreatment of the vehicle and usually last for a certain amount of time after the purchase. These warranties are great to have but often end up not being used. This is because many of the malfunctions covered by them don’t result until later in the life of the vehicle.

RV Service Plans

Some like to call service plans extended warranties because they basically are. Often, when purchasing a service plan, you find they cover far more than your original buyer’s warranty did. After your original warranty stops, these coverages step in to ensure you don’t find yourself in a bind if something breaks down on your coach. With the additional parts these plans cover, making the investment is often one of the smartest things a vehicle owner can do.

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