Sterno Chafing Fuel: Why Upgrade to Something Better

While everyone seems to know Sterno chafing fuel in the catering industry, it seems that more and more people are turning from that brand (and other wick and gel styles) to something different. You may wonder what else there is and how Sterno compares to the other product. One issue people have with Sterno and other products is that the product itself has a variety of ingredients, including methanol and ethanol, two ingredients found in petrol. While petrol is highly flammable, you wouldn’t use it near food or beverages as it is highly toxic and dangerous.

As such, you can quickly determine that Sterno chafing fuel may not be the most appropriate product for your needs. The problem with these cans is that the fuel sits inside. You must open the can and ignite the fuel inside, but there isn’t an easy way to shut down the flame. Along with such, the can might tip over, which can cause fuel to go everywhere, igniting the table or someone’s clothing. You also have to ensure that the flame itself doesn’t touch the bottom of your chafing dish, which can be a challenge. Many times, there is little room between the fuel can and the dish itself.

EcoBurner has an alternative, which might be better than other products on the market. It’s patented design ensures that the product is always cool when you touch it. Plus, it can automatically shut down if it is overturned, so you don’t have to worry about the fuel spill. Most people worry about Sterno chafing fuel and wasting up to 40 percent of it, but you don’t have that issue with EcoBurner. You can refill the burner itself, which means you never have to throw away fuel; plus the cans from this company are recyclable, so you can do your part to protect the environment.