Hiring a Birth Injury Lawyer: What to Look For

If your child has suffered a birth injury, taking the extra time and care to hire a competent medical attorney will benefit your family in the long run. Financial compensation is important, sure, but the matter extends further because guaranteeing the future safety of your family and preventing further complications trumps accepting a small settlement.

Medical malpractice in birth injuries can emerge in different forms such as cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, shoulder dystocia, spinal cord damage, or brain damage. Focusing on specific steps after experiencing such a distressful situation is understandably difficult, so here are some key points to look for when you are searching for top medical malpractice attorneys:

Look for a Lawyer Who Specializes in Birth Injury Cases

Even if you have a family attorney whom you trust, you should dig a little deeper to find lawyers specializing in medical malpractice, especially those who have a history of battling medical negligence and understand its complexities. These medical attorneys focusing on these niche cases can offer you deeper insight on how to identify medical negligence and how to further build your case.

For example, if your child suffered from medical negligence that resulted in cerebral palsy, then you can reach out to specific lawyers who battled similar cases to ensure their knowledge and experience. You can even learn from cases they lost to understand why and to prevent losing on your own case.

Find A Lawyer Who Prioritizes Your Family Needs

In addition to finding an experienced malpractice lawyer, the law firm should recognize and acknowledge that the main priority is in the best interest of your family, rather than trying to find the largest settlement. Even if the settlement might sound appealing at first, make sure you do your research and deny subpar offers.

Furthermore, you don’t have to limit yourselves to nearby law firms because several large firms can practice law outside their jurisdiction. You can make back the time you spend on finding a proper medical attorney when they, in turn, invest their own time with your family to understand your specific case and needs.

Make Sure the Firm Has a Wide Network of Experts

It’s crucial for your medical attorney to access his/her network of legal professionals within the firm, but it will also help if they can work with other experts in the medical field who have more extensive knowledge on malpractice cases. Even though your chosen lawyer is trustworthy, it’s always valuable to utilize as many resources as you can to understand the intricacies of legal and medical channels.

Additionally, if or when the case goes to trial, it can be extremely gratifying for your family to understand the implications of medical negligence. You can then begin to make the proper steps to guarantee your child’s current and future health.

Avoid Lawyers Who Ask for Money Upfront

It is unprofessional and unfair if the lawyer you intend to hire prioritizes their compensation before the case goes to trial, especially since they are not paid until after they win your case. Top medical malpractice attorneys shouldn’t ask for money upfront. They should primarily respect you enough to give you time and space while you make your decision on hiring.

Although hospitals should be on your side, the unfortunate truth is that that’s not always the case. If doctors fail to uphold their duty as your caretaker during any point of your pregnancy to your birth, then it is within your right to hold them accountable for their mistakes.

When your child suffers a birth injury caused by medical malpractice, your whole family has to bear the repercussions. You can ease the burden by putting your family’s emotional needs first by properly researching qualified firms and choosing lawyers specializing in medical malpractice.