Residential Locksmith Services in Portland, OR Every Homeowner Needs

The locks in your house are likely to break down over time. Due to wear and tear from constant usage, the lock pins inside may get damaged. Residential locksmith services are offered by a number of different companies all over Portland. The market for residential lock repair work is incredibly big and many locksmiths offer a number of services to homeowners all over the city. There are a number of residential locksmith services that every homeowner requires from time to time. Therefore, you should keep the contact details of a reputable locksmith in your phone. Here are some common services you will need on occasion.


If the key doesn’t fit in the lock properly, you might have to get it re-keyed. Re-keying is a common service in which the locksmith will repair the lock pins inside so that the key begins to function properly. If the key was working fine before but stops working all of a sudden, you might want to call a locksmith for re-keying. Companies such as provide re-keying services at pretty affordable rates. You can schedule a home visit with them and they will come to your place to re-key all the locks.

Installing New Locks

Do you want to replace the locks in your house to boost the security? Companies that offer residential locksmith services in Portland, OR will show you a wide range of locks that you can choose from. Certain locks are more expensive than others but that’s because they offer improved security as well and can’t be broken easily. After every two to three years, you should ideally think about replacing the locks on the outer doors to improve the security of your house.