Perinatal Counselling: What Is It?

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Biz Trade News

Many people have heard of prenatal counsellors but aren’t familiar with perinatal counselling. It focuses on all your childbearing years and the highs and lows you are likely to feel. Whether you’ve just decided to start a family with your spouse, are currently pregnant with your first (or fifth) child, or have many children and are now going through midlife changes, you can benefit from talking to a professional counsellor.

For those looking to create their family, it can be tough to deal with all the joy and excitement, as well as all the stress. It is exciting to find out you’re pregnant or to start working getting that way, but it’s also stressful. If it doesn’t happen quickly, you may worry that something is wrong. If it does happen quickly, you may not be ready for all the changes to your body and hormones. Either way, perinatal counselling can be beneficial. It can help you focus on your true emotions rather than what everyone tells you to feel. Most people are going to have family members, friends, and co-workers honing in on their big news or ideas. These people are going to have opinions, which can drown out your feelings and opinions, causing more stress.

From 2 to 3 offers perinatal counselling to new parents and anyone in their childbearing years. If you want to create a family, you can really benefit from talking to someone who has been there before and who can help you focus on your emotions, even those that seem to make no sense. If you were thrown into creating a family and weren’t necessarily planning it, Ginny Lindsay can also help you. It’s challenging to be expecting your first child when things aren’t perfect, but it’s also normal to feel like things are out of your control during this time.

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