Perinatal Counselling: What Are The Benefits?

Women tend to dream about settling down and having children when they are young. However, when you finally get to that point in your life, it can be overwhelming. While some people can take it in stride, others need help coping with the changes of their bodies and their minds. You know that as soon as you get pregnant, life is going to change.

Your stomach is going to protrude as you get closer to giving birth and you likely have a thousand questions about what birth is like. Perinatal counselling can help you get the answers you need and work through these changes so that they aren’t as shocking to the system.

Perinatal counselling isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. You and your counsellor will talk about things that are important to you. Therefore, your session is going to be different from a similar mother-to-be. The best part is that you get therapy that is based on your preferences and needs and something that isn’t canned. You can talk about your fears, irrational or otherwise. You can talk about your real emotions instead of hiding them and hoping for the best. If you’re anxious or nervous, your counsellor is likely to have exercises and tips to help you stay calm and relax.

From 2 to 3 offers perinatal counselling for the mother-to-be. However, they can also talk to your spouse or boyfriend and help them through their issues. Changing the family unit from a couple to three people is never easy and requires a little consideration and patience. Whether you’re worried about how intimacy will work after the baby is born or feel scared about how good of a parent you’ll be, Ginny can help you through any situation you have, ensuring that you’re ready for your transition into parenthood.