Domenic Besner

Domenic Besner

Domenic Besner is a well-known name in the artistic world. Like all his predecessors, he dedicated himself to his contemporary pictorial arts that depict human nature.

His Early Life

Searching for appealing shapes and colors as a profile for his world vision, Domenic Besner dedicated himself to painting. His paintings, filled with life and color, are inspired by his early education. At Algonquin College Besner received his first taste of formal training in Architecture. This early education molded his reflection of the city and the human dimensions and traditions that are necessary for survival.

Domenic Besner was born in 1965 in North Lancaster and graduated with an Architectural Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Montreal in 1992. He obtained a mindset, from his training at the University, which helped him to define aspects of his environment with a critical eye. The inspiration for his paintings also came from several encounters he had on the back streets of Montreal as well as from great masters of painting.

For several years, Besner devoted himself to painting and his uniqueness are quite evident in his delivery. To create intensity in his paintings, he uses finger technique and canvas scraping. Lovers of the art are mesmerized by the way Besner captures the world in a gaze. He creates characters that are like shadows of themselves and are not scared of their destiny.

Did You Know This?

At the age of 7 Domenic had a hot-air balloon experience that mark the beginning of his painting journey. This is what he said:

“The hot-air balloon shook me at 7 years old and has inspired my artwork ever since. The passing of time, the transitory, winds, the sandglasses of time and the fascination of imagining mysterious beings aboard that balloon.”

His Contribution to The Art Form

Between 2003 and 2007, Besner participated in several exhibitions in Montreal. Inspired by the exotic colors of Morocco, he did not hesitate to paint the series “Le Banquet de Nacarat” for an exhibition at the Venice Cadre Gallery. He continued contributing to the art world up to the time that he was designated a room at the Galerie V Tremont to permanently display his unique work.

Besner was busy up to 2012 taking part in group exhibitions throughout London, China, Mexico, USA, and Canada. He created several pieces for special events worldwide. For example, in 2013 he created a collective piece for fundraising presented by the quarterly event Transit Fall, Atelier Nicolas Ruel, Montreal (Canada).

Presently, his artistic creations are displayed in several art galleries. A visit to Onesimmo Fine Art in Palm Beach, Florida, will reveal several of Besner original mixed media on canvas, such as the Baltha de colle, and La Blanch.