Perfect Headshot Photography in Washington DC

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Business

The headshot is an essential marketing tool. For those in public relations, real estate, the stage, modeling and more, it is their calling card. If your headshot is poor, your skills or talents are thought to be poor as well. To be taken seriously, you must invest in professional headshot photography in Washington DC. The photo must be of high quality.

Always Use a Professional

It is well worth spending the money to have a professional take your headshot. Professionals are trained, they understand lighting, and they take photos for a living. They are far removed from someone who has a halfway decent camera and takes halfway decent photographs. Anything less than a professional headshot is little more than an average passport photo. A professional headshot tells people you care about your career.

Personality Beats Glamour

Stay away from extensive editing. It is important the photograph looks like you. People expect you to look like your photo. If you show up and you look very different, you are not making a positive impact. A professional headshot is not about changing you. It is about presenting you for what you are on your best day. The best headshots are not about what you want to be. They are about what you are.

Natural Lighting or Studio

A photo taken outdoors looks and feels different from a photo taken in a studio. Both can be wonderful. A lot depends on the image you wish to project. Studio lighting results in a more “polished” photograph. Natural lighting tends to result in a more “real” look.

Work with a headshot photographer who understands what it is you want. The photographer must make you feel at ease. Arrange to see their portfolio. Get a feel of how they photograph your look, your gender, your ethnicity, etc. For more information please take look at Portraits by Spencer.

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