When You Pay Your Employees For 40 Hours Work, Do They Work the Full 40?

by | Jul 20, 2017 | HR software

Your best employees will always act responsibly and provide you with non-stop high-quality performance. Unfortunately, there are also employees that will consistently try to put in the least amount of effort to retain their position, and this is detrimental to the advancement and profit of your organization. The introduction of employee timesheet software takes away the element of doubt of when employees are working.

Reducing the Time and Errors

Where any business operates a traditional paper or card time management system so that employees can attempt to prove their working hours so that payroll can be completed, this time-consuming process can easily be replaced by employee timesheet software that is more effective and efficient.
By moving to a software system, you will reduce the number of errors that are common with the paper or card systems. These man-made errors become an added expense for your organization and can be reduced or removed entirely by using employee timesheet software.

Overtime costs can become extremely expensive for many organizations. With the old paper or card time clock systems, the employer may not know which employees have entered overtime payments until they receive the timesheet at the end of a week.

By using employee timesheet software, you can set parameters and reminders so that you can make decisions about allowing an employee to enter overtime hours or call a halt to the situation before it arises. The software will bring overtime hours to your attention and allow you to make positive decisions.

Reducing the amount of paper within your environment is good for your eco-friendly reputation and ensures that individual timesheets cannot be lost and employees faced with a blank paycheck because of human error. Your labor costs will decrease because the system will work automatically instead of organizing your HR Department to collect and collate and manage your payroll system.

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