NYC Video Production Specialists Weigh Pros & Cons of DRM Software

Digital rights management has become a hot topic, and it’s a very divisive one. Filmmakers and other artists want to be able to protect their intellectual property from being stolen. At the same time, privacy advocates and members of the free software movement have fought to reduce the industry’s reliance on onerous copy protection schemes.

A number of top experts involved with the television scene in New York City have weighed in on the debate, and it seems that they’ve reached a sort of compromise. Specialists feel that it’s best to judge each project on a case-by-case basis.

Those who need to bring secure videodiscs to market hire copy protected DVD services to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their copyrighted material. Individuals who want to distribute their discs in a region-free format that can be freely reproduced can work with these same services to produce professional-looking discs that lack any kind of copy protection feature.

Copy protected DVD services tend to be very flexible, so small business owners can have them make some discs with protection and others without. This model has proven especially useful for companies that deal with multiple clients. Some clients made need this kind of technology to protect copyrighted motion picture content while others may be more interested in distributing public domain materials. Production companies can tell the individuals who master their discs which projects fall into which of these two categories.

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