Need to Make DVDs of Your Movie Company’s Theatrical Releases in NY, NY?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Business

It’s exciting to create a movie that you are proud to produce. It’s even more exciting when you send it to “print” and production for sale and consumption by the public. However, a big problem many artistic film companies and producers have is churning out a copy protected Blu Ray DVD for sale. You want that protection stamp and warning on every DVD so that if your movie is somehow copied, you can sue the forger. That’s where a movie print and production company in New York City comes in.

The Print and Production Company Gets Clearance to Stamp Your Movie as Protected

When you hire a movie “authoring” company that can make many a copy protected Blu Ray DVD for you to sell, they process the necessary paperwork to get your movie protected. Then they can apply the warning labels and insert said labels into your film’s opening credits. From there, they make as many copies as you want, and you are free to ship copies anywhere to sell.

All of It Is Done in High Resolution and High Quality Too

This is not some “B” movie production outfit from the ’60’s and ’70’s either. Everything this company does is high quality with high resolution. You get your movie turned into a marketable DVD that is fully protected under the law and you get it all with expert and seamless editing. If you are interested in taking your artistic film from reel to protected Blu Ray disc, contact Chromavision today.

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