How Your Migration Agent In Epping Can Help Even If Things Go Wrong

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Immigration & Naturalization Service

Despite your best efforts, sometimes unfortunate things like cancellations or denials happen. Avoid the temptation to feel frustrated or defeated. Instead, focus on the steps you can take to move forward. Even if you began the application process on your own, it is never too late to hire a migration agent. Migration agents like LIVV Immigration are skilled and empathetic individuals, who will do what it takes to help you obtain a Visa. Here are three examples of how your migration agent in Epping can help, even if things go wrong.

Visa Cancellations Or Refusals

Before you worry, it is important to remember that Visas can be cancelled or refused for many different reasons. In most cases, you can appeal this decision. Your migration agent will first take steps to understand exactly you are facing refusal or cancellation. He or she will take steps to obtain the evidence needed to reapply or appeal. Receiving a notice like this does not necessarily mean you cannot immigrate to Australia, it simply you and your agent have more work ahead of you.

Character Cancellation

Receiving a character cancellation can be emotionally devastating and intellectually jarring. There is usually no specific reason provided, just a notice alerting the applicant to this huge obstacle. There are legitimate reasons for people to receive a character cancellation, such as being the subject of a pending investigation or possession of a lengthy and violent criminal record. However, there have been many cases of individuals who receive these types of cancellations despite not having any poor character quality. In those cases, your migration agent can help you understand why the cancellation was received, and what steps you and the agent need to take to successfully appeal.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Migration agents can help you appeal decisions made by government agencies to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In some cases, the Tribunal is the last resort; only available after a decision has been the subject of an internal review. Regardless of the situation, your migration agent can help you gather all the documents and evidence you need for the appeal process.

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