Avoid These Common Shutdown Pitfalls for a Successful Turnaround

Avoid These Common Shutdown Pitfalls for a Successful Turnaround

Annual or semi-annual turnarounds are a fact of life for most plants, refineries, and factories. With the decrease in production, which translates to dollars, it’s imperative to get it done as quickly and safely as possible. Here are some things you can address to help get your company up and running as quick as possible.

Financial Issues

First make a realistic budget, include everything you can foresee the turnaround costing. Expect the unexpected in your budget, add a bit extra to cover them. Choose your contractor wisely. The cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean the best. If there are repairs or replacements you’ve been putting off, now is the perfect time to take care of that with production at a standstill already. The most important aspect is overall cost control.  You shouldn’t try to cut corners on every expense, but you also shouldn’t spend without cost control measures in place.

Lead Well

Turnarounds require more supervising than your normal day to day work. Leadership is vital right now, and you set the stage for success. Take the time to read about your past turnarounds, learn from them. What worked and what didn’t, and why? Time spent doing this can make the rest of the process much easier. Use your communication skills wisely during the turnaround. You’ll be dealing with different company employees, contractors, and vendors. Make sure you’re clear on expectations and needs.

Make Safety a Priority

You will probably have new employees on site, ensure they are trained well for their position and are aware of all safety protocols. Now is the time to make sure everyone is aware that safety expectations are as high as ever. Just because production has ceased, turnaround safety is still a priority. Keep reading more information at domain URL