Marketing Coordination, Management and Facilitation in Danbury CT

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Business

The role of a marketing operations coordinator is to support a marketing team and deliver governance, planning, and support for key marketing functions. The focus is marketing optimization from initial planning, through budgeting, to implementation and analytics.

Primary Roles of an Operations Coordinator Service

The central role of a pharma marketing operations coordinator is to manage assets throughout review and approval while maintaining best practices. These services partner with project owners, agencies, and reviewers to identify process gaps and bottlenecks, stay compliant, and support an expeditious and efficient process.

Services Provided

Pharma marketing operations coordinators have a unique insight into content review aspects. They also have extensive backgrounds in process optimization, SOP management, and FDA regulations. As management system platform experts, they facilitate quick process integration of campaigns.

Services include:

  • Creation, management and distribution for agendas
  • Quality assessment before review
  • Schedule management
  • Facilitaion of review meetings
  • Document reconciliation and annotation
  • Editorial proofreading and review
  • Lifetime, archival and expiry management for documents

Pharma marketing operations coordinators are extensively trained in account oversight and contingency management so teams can focus on products.

Support on Demand

On-demand services provide efficiency in late-stage accounts and commercial accounts. They offer flexible cost control, scalability and daily process simplification.

Benefits include:

  • Optimized time to market
  • Improved efficiency, scalability and flexibility
  • Lower enterprise costs
  • Improved ROI

Marketing Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

For superior solutions and services for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry, contact the Framework Solutions Inc. medical review and promotions team today.

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